Why use a VitreoQR QR Code?

Why wear professional clothes when you meet a client?  Why use good manners when networking?  Why care about how your perceived at all?  Using a freely-generated QR Code is the same as wearing clothes with holes in them and stains.  When a client or target scans the code, you want a high chance that it actually reads, making sure they are not frustrated and have a negative experienced associated with you.  You invest in business cards, good clothes, haircuts, posters, and pictures.  You take care of how you sound, the tone of your voice and when to use inflections.  If all that is done, but your QR Code that is supposed to connect your client to your network fails, all that is lost.  Protect your investment, get a professional QR Code from VitreoQR and know that you have the BEST quality QR Code in the business.  Not convinced?  visit VitreoQR.com and find out for yourself why they were chosen in 2011 to help distribute the codes direct from the firm that invented them back in the 90′s.

What happens if I have to change any information on my KeyCard™?

Simply contact us either on our contact form, or VitreoQR directly at info@vitreoqr.com and title “Please update my information” with the details.  VQRLabs and VitreoQR are working on a login presence, so expect updates in the future!

What kind of scanner or reader is able to decode data from VitreoQR generated QR Codes?

Any standard QR Code reader can read this code.  Actually, because it was produced using the methods and licenses from the creators of QR Codes, it has a higher ability to read than other QR Codes.  Go to http://vqr.co/install on any mobile device, you will be taken to our page of preferred readers.

Have a Question?

Contact us using our Contact Us page and we’ll try to get back with you within 72 hours.  We love questions, so don’t fret!  Just ask!