We are pleased to announce a new QR Code and picture integration: KeyCard.  KeyCard™ is the best one-stop solution for the highest-quality QR Code (R) service for integrating a photograph into a QR Code (R).

Order Now!  While discounts are still active.  Or read below, then order!

What is KeyCard?

You already know that pictures alone can drive up reaction time.  You also know that QR Codes make it much easier for your contact to get to information.  Having a mobile-ready destination for all your contact info drives more response.  So we decided to add them all together for an easy-to-use QRPhoto KeyCard™!


A VitreoQR KeyCard combines your picture with the top quality QR Code for a one time fee.  How?  We start with an ISO compliant QR Code and run it through the proprietary program that pinpoints the eyes, nose and mouth and finds the best way to integrate the picture for maximum human recognition of the picture, as well as computer recognition of the QR Code.

A professional website, an ISO compliant QR Code integrated into your photo, and free hosting.  Over a $3,500 value, for less than $499!  

Why is it Called ‘KeyCard?’

When filling out our form, you can add your social networks and identifications, personal website, and company website.   The KeyCard is the Key for all your contacts.  Add it to your business card, internal documentation, flyers, name badges, letters, memos, and anywhere you want to drive up more action.

Example Use: Business Card


For the Professional version you can add your own offering on the card and drive actions or sales!  Contact us at today and let us know what you need!

What is on the KeyCard?

Well, you can check for yourself through the example.  Below is the standard options through the online order form. 

  • vCard (talks to smart phone!)
  • Email
  • Company Website
  • Personal Website
  • Company Linkedin
  • Personal LinkedIn
  • Company Twitter
  • Personal Twitter
  • Company Facebook
  • Personal Facebook
  • Your Photo

We can add just about any other option and link you want, but you’ll have to contact us at and ask for the Professional or Enterprise versions.



Most Popular Placements of QR KeyCard:

  • Business Cards
  • Service Repair Reports
  • Internal Documentation
  • Version Tracking
  • Letters, Memos
  • Identification tags, luggage tags
  • Name Badges
  • Political Flyers
  • Call to Actions and Press Releases
  • Poster Advertisements for Services
  • Live Bios for Authors and Artists
  • Everywhere your Picture is a Call to Action!

Example Alternative Use:


Who Uses the QR KeyCard?:

  • Realtors and Real Estate Agents
  • Business Management
  • HR Departments
  • Operations
  • Politicians
  • Job Seekers
  • Consultants
  • Authors and Writers
  • Sales Teams
  • Business Developers
  • Governments
  • Non-Profits and Organizers
  • Personal Marketing Teams

Other Uses of QR KeyCard:

  • Survey Tool
  • Request a Service
  • Rating
  • Polls
  • Meeting Signup
  • Commenting
  • Sales Tool

Don’t just put a face to a name, drive actions and response!  Get your KeyCard today!