QR Code on Business Cards

QR Codes (R) have had a turbulent history.  When they were first made in the early 90′s, their sole use was to track parts quickly and display more than just a lookup table like traditional barcodes.  They could insight a reaction in a piece of hardware.  Then came cell phones and smart-phones, data networks ad social networks and blame!  You have a lot of people using them and not knowing why they don’t work correctly, why some are shaped differently, or why the owners and inventors decided not to enforce their patents.

But now we see them on the common business card.  Many deployed improperly or without much thought, wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting businessman.  To this end, here are some Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Use a cheap or freely generated code.  Low quality codes aren’t just slightly worse, they can scan less than 40% of the time.  A properly-generated code built from the licensed QR Code (R) generating platform has the ‘secret-sauce’ that ensure the highest ECC and read-rate.  How many times have you scanned a cheap code and it didn’t work?  Don’t do that to your clients.
  • Just use a Black and White Code and send people to a standard webpage.  You are essentially deploying a real-world pop-up at this point, one that does not tell the person where they are going to land.  TELL THEM!  and make sure it’s worth their time!
  • Link to a non-mobile ready destination.  If the destination isn’t built for a 3″ screen, the users are very likely to go away.   This more than hurts your brand, and you might have been better off not deploying one in the first place.


  • Invest in a proper QR Code (R) that presents your image well
  • Deploy your QR Code (R) in any place you would put a website URL
  • Link to more than just your website, insight and action and drive response!

So what’s the best solution?  KeyCard!  KeyCard(c) is a one-stop integration of a properly-generated QR Code (R) and a photo, which then takes anyone scanning the code to a mobile-ready portal of contact information and actions.  Why worry about if your code is going to work, or stitching together services when you can pay once and get it all done….. and use it for life?

Stop beating around the bush, or spending more money using inferior technologies and services.  Order one, and be done!


Looking at the business card history, it is no wonder the KeyCard(c) and business card are a perfect match!

The Evolution of Business Cards