QR Code Picture Integration Problems

You may have done some research and realized there are seemingly several options out there for QR Code picture integration.  You may see codes with only portions of the code blocked with a picture in front, or tiny pictures that can’t possibly be seen.

Why are these bad?

Most providers or these solutions taking advantage of the error-correction built into a QR Code (R) and just covering a normal code.  They aren’t doing much beyond just pasting a code in front of a normal code.  Want to test for yourself?  The next QR Code (R) you see on a major brand, cover a small portion of it (10%-20% for good ones) and see it scan.  Likewise, test a few variates of the other kinds you see, and on scale you’ll probably find the same results we got: nearly 40% of the time the off-brand and cheaply-generated codes that paste a picture on it don’t scan.

Why is leaving the error-correction alone important?

Error-correction code, or ECC, is used to help machines make up for missing, blocked, or distorted information.  It’s like having an expert around all the time to tell the machines what it was really supposed to read.  By distorting or blocking this information, you arm harming the ability of the reader to be able to read the code.  This looks bad on you, and your brand.

So what are the good ones?

QR Codes (R) like the ones VitreoQR sells are properly-integrated so they do not harm the error-correction in a significant way.  This is NOT easy, and requires the ‘secret sauces’ only provided by the original makers of the QR Codes (R) through licenses and a lot of development and testing.

Why Care? It Works Most of the Time!

Why wear professional clothes when you meet a client?  Why use good manners when networking?  Why care about how your perceived at all?  Using a freely-generated QR Code is the same as wearing clothes with holes in them and stains.

When a client or target scans the code, you want a high chance that it actually reads, making sure they are not frustrated and have a negative experienced associated with you.  You invest in business cards, good clothes, haircuts, posters, and pictures.  You take care of how you sound, the tone of your voice and when to use inflections.  If all that is done, but your QR Code that is supposed to connect your client to your network fails, all that is lost.  Protect your investment, get a professional QR Code from VitreoQR and know that you have the BEST quality QR Code in the business.  Not convinced?  Visit VitreoQR.com and find out for yourself why they were chosen in 2011 to help distribute the codes direct from the firm that invented them back in the 90′s.

You wouldn’t cut corners on other parts of your business when it comes to your brand, QR Code(R) Picture integration is the same.  Contact us and let us know what you need, or order a QR Photo KeyCard™ to start.