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QR Code for Realtors and Real-Estate Agents

Looking for a new way to stand out?

Need to get more response from your leads and marketing materials?

Here’s the pitch: take the recognition advantages of adding your photo, customer-ease of a QR Code, and quick/ easy use of a mobile-ready portal and you have KeyCard!  KeyCard™ is great QR Code (R) option for realtors and real-estate agents alike.

Don’t just use a dry, black-and-white QR Code(R) that goes to a website not mobile-ready.

Integrate your photo with the QR Code(R) to open up real-estate on you marketing material and let your customers know that interacting with you is going to be as-frictionless-as-possible. With the rising trends in smart phones and QR Codes (R) around the world, QR Codes (R) are here to stay.  The small-but-positive advances that happen everyday in the space will eventually reach a tipping point.  You’ll start to assume every web URL should have a QR Code (R) just to make it easier (if not lazier) way of getting to the links, web address, information, contact forms, and everything else.  You’ll no longer have to decide whether or not to parse or just leave the information on the counter, you can just hit the scan button!

Do it right!  Think about how you would react!

Putting it on a large sign?  Maybe this works on a street corner, but if the person wants the information they are still going to have to get out of their car and get it.  Don’t encourage phone usage while driving!

Where to Place Them?:

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • LockBox
  • Smaller Signage
  • Newspaper Advertising

Why KeyCard?

You could try integrating a photo on your own, paying a yearly or monthly subscription, integrating the websites and links into a mobile-ready environment and then dealing with the hassles of having a hacked (not ISO-compliant nor highest quality) QR Code…. or you can pay for the highest quality QR Code (R) with all of that already done.   If you can do it yourself, great!  We love enthusiasts, but our clients are those that want a fast solution deployed with minimum learning and adoption curves. Don’t just leave a face to a name.

Leave an easy way to take actions! Order Now!

Edit/ Fun Facts: If your targets are Gen Y-ers, QR Codes (R) are a great way to connect. The group accounts for 73 million in the U.S., and currently moving against the trend (page 9 of the PDF) for buying a home.This means you need to use every tool in your tool-belt to give you that edge.

If your targets are those more delightful folks ages 55+, even better.  Nielsen just released a report that now over 50%! of those 55+ have a smart phone and the trend continues to grow.