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QR Code in Car Sales

So you may know that QR Codes (R) have found a useful niche in car sales by providing extra function to dealerships when the sales people are not there.  And you may know that QR Codes themselves were created by one of the largest manufacturers of parts for cars and have been on parts since the 1990′s… but how about other uses of QR Codes (R)?  What about you, the salesman?    What about QR Code in car sales?  

Introducing: QR Photo KeyCard™


Faster Reviews:

If you’re an experienced salesman (or saleswomen) you may already know that confidence and trust is vital.  You may employ tactics already using social media and reviews to help boost confidence before the customer even reaches your dealership, or to get a client to refer you.  After you sell a car, the next thing you should be doing is pushing the client as much as possible to review you to push up your validation.

But you may also get push back from the emails, phone calls, and outreaches because the customers are simply turned off by the effort needed.  Now, imagine you are sitting there, you just sold the car, and you tell the client to wait while you process everything.  Instead of  giving them a task list later, how about you point back to your business card with your QR Photo KeyCard and tell them to rate you while they wait!  This is prime opportunity for them to spout how good of a rep you were,  and how happy they are about purchasing their new car that is otherwise wasted!

Increased Likelihood of Referral:

Now imagine that customer goes home, shoves the materials into their glove box and forgets about everything.  Then, later on that month (or year) a friend or family member is looking to buy a car.  Instead of that client handing them some card and expecting their friend to look you up (ya right), they see the intriguing QR Photo KeyCard and take a snap.  They are instantly transported to your well-groomed online presence, that has even higher rating from earlier because you increased the chance of the referrer reviewing you.  They may even see the review left by the friend by following the links!

More then Just the Business Card:

Now imagine your going to an event, networking event, or visiting an expo.  You can put your QR Photo KeyCard on your materials, your name badge, and just about anywhere you would normally want to drive action and interaction with your online presence.  Using a QR Photo KeyCard you know that you have the highest quality QR Code (R), a completely optimized landing page full of options, and the analytics to see where and when your scans are being made.  

In the end, this is a small investment.  Not the $3,500 you would expect to pay for a personal mobile-ready website with the highest-quality QR Code (R) with analytics backend and custom image-integration, but it is still an investment.  You have to take care of the investment, groom your social networks, push your clients to interact, and soon enough it will become second-nature.  That small edge you get over a lot of use will roll into an unstoppable force on the floor, and when your manager asks how you’re doing it,… well, you can keep that to yourself if you’d like.  Or, you can use our referral program and get your analytics paid for!

The choice is yours: keep using the same time-engulfing methods for interacting with your customers… or you could buy a QR Photo KeyCard today!