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QR Codes in Political Campaigns

Need an edge in your political campaign?  OF COURSE.  QR Codes (R) are that edge, especially for 2014 and beyond.  With more than half of the population 55 and up using a smart phone (Nielsen, 2014), and generation Y already in the mix, QR Codes (R) are the fastest way to connect with the least amount of effort.

When to use them?: Anytime you want to electronically direct a person to information or to take an action (such as a survey, poll, or donation), a properly-deployed QR Code (R) should be used!  Why? Because otherwise, you’re missing out on valuable data and an instance to connect with people.

You want to RAISE awareness for your issue.

Why not implement a QR Code (R) and direct your targets to a mobile webpage that has bullets, links, surveys, and comments (well, maybe not comments)? Without the QR Code (R), you can only get the information you ask.  With the QR Code (R), you can collect data on the geographical locations, which QR Codes (R), types of phones, times, days, and much more.  This data is impossible to get with traditional posters and advertisements.

You want to take the MOST advantage of your ad space.

QR Photo KeyCard is a new product just out of the lab that allows us to integrate a person’s photo into a QR Code (R).  Every photo printed in newspapers, magazines, posters, review, and sponsored product could be pushing actions and gathering feedback.  Right now, those opportunities are lost to the whims of a page-turn.  To see how simple it is, visit VitreoQR’s instruction page by clicking here.

Want to scan?  Look at our recommended scanners by going to the following WITH YOUR MOBILE DEVICEhttp://vqr.co/install

QR Code of Cat

You want comments, ratings, or feedback! 

 Place QRArt (c) in areas where you have strong leads, and ask for comments or ratings on particular subjects.  Make an interesting or aggravating statement, and integrate a picture that calls for a response!  Imagine sitting on a bus or starring at someone reading a newspaper.  Elevators and the side of buses.  Don’t expect a person to type in an address to give a response,… energize them with a statement and then make it as easy as possible to react!  

You want additional poling data.

Place QR Codes (R) wherever you need extra poling info.  By utilizing bus stations, benches, restaurants, elevators, and parking garages, you can ask the questions you want to the demographics you want.  You could also direct people to real-time poles, videos, or forums associated with poles.  Make sure you integrate your code with a picture and tell them why they should scan!  

You want to increase campaign contributions.

Place QR Codes (R) anywhere you want to direct a person to a donation page.  You can target groups that mainly purchase and interact via mobile devices.  They’re too lazy to look up a webpage or call in.  By making it easy, you remove their excuses.  They’ll see your QR Code (R) in the elevator, as they walk to their cars, when they sit waiting for the bus, when they sit down at a restaurant.  Donating through a QR Code (R) online is easy and simple.