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QR Code Name Badge and Name Tag

Need to stand out in a crowd?  Don’t just use a standard QR Code name badge, use a KeyCard™!  Simply provide your name badge provider with the QRPhoto KeyCard™ in place of your normal photo, and you can take your networking information with you wherever you go!  

But you don’t have to stop there.  Putting your KeyCard on items, notebooks, memos, folders, or using stickers to put them on just about anything helps you identify what is yours and how to get in contact with you if you ever lose them.  


But what about the problems with QR Codes (R) in conferences not working?

Since the early 2010′s, many people have downloaded and used ‘free’ QR Codes (R) not only for their own use, but have tried to build businesses around them before fully understanding them, or even before the market was truly ready.  Using cheaply (free) generated QR Codes (R) and complaining about the performance is essentially complaining about a hacked version of a media.   It would be difficult and rare to get a good quality QR Code (R) or reader without someone paying because the process can’t be copied, and it is more difficult than it is worth.  Possibly more difficult to copy than your favorite brand of soda-pop or beverage :).

The ‘free’ QR Codes (R) you see on the market today were created by a small number of people looking at patents and trying to put the ingredients together.  Except, they didn’t have the formula, and the formula costs licensing fees by distribution integrators.  Again, like your favorite beverage.  

OK, but what about the RF interference problems?  

This is a larger problem on itself, causing havoc for smart phone and mobile device users of all types.  The venue has ways to alleviate this, and technology as a whole is driving to resolve these issues.  Technologies such as pCell are getting ready to solve all those problems at once… would you rather be stuck in line to adopt technologies that take advantage of this new landscape of mobile use or in front, leading the way like you knew exactly what was happening before everyone else?

Who should be using a QR Code Name Badge with KeyCard?

Event planners allowing the attendees to add their QRPhoto KeyCard to their name badges and name tags make the badge finding process less painful.  Event attendees who bring their own name badge with their KeyCard on it will almost certainly stand out in a crowd.  Anyone that does a high amount of networking or in-person communication might already have a KeyCard on their documentation, business cards, and work portfolio so taking the extra step and putting it on a name badge just amplifies the usefulness of the technology.  Even those in the arts should use a KeyCard to mark all their pieces, whether that be a blog, poster, design, ticket, painting, album, or other medium.  

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