About Us

VQRLabs is a small group of dedicated QR Code specialists that believe in the power of the properly-employed QR Code from VitreoQR.   We are resellers of QR Code (R) technology and surrounding software.  We have a lot of knowledge on the subject, from how it all got started, to security, to where it’s going next.  Our goal is to create a stronger following and support for the highest quality QR Codes (R) and QR Code (R) services that any person, professional, or corporation can believe in.   In this journey my team will consider any project large or small, and try to clear the smoke laid out by all the ‘experts’ in the space that, simply, haven’t done their homework.  We have, and we challenge anybody to contact us with their largest problems, complaints, or suggestions.

QR Codes (R) are here to stay.  As long as there is a camera on your phone, and information on a surface directing you to a URL or action, QR Code (R) is the fastest and easiest way to get it done.

Have a question/comment/concern?  Give us a shout at info@VQRLabs.com.  We’re friendly!